Sharekkna Online is a global e-commerce platform that operates under the umbrella of Sharekkna NGO.


Sharekkna Online’s mission is to provide sustainable digital solutions by offering unique, low-cost, eco-friendly digital products with global accessibility and support for a greener, more connected world.

Beirut’s Digital Dawn: The Birth of Sharekkna Online in the Heart of Community Transformation

In the bustling city of Beirut, amid the rise of digital transformation, an idea was born within the walls of the Sharekkna NGO. The NGO, already a pioneer in community support and social impact, recognized a growing need in the digital age: affordable and accessible digital products for everyone, especially those who could not easily afford them.

Revolutionizing E-Commerce with Community Spirit and Affordable Access for All:
The concept was simple yet profound: create an e-commerce platform, Sharekkna Online, dedicated to selling digital products at low costs, making them accessible to all segments of society. This platform wouldn’t be just another e-commerce site; it would embody the spirit of community service and environmental consciousness that Sharekkna NGO stood for.

The Inspirational Journey of Sharekkna Online’s Volunteer Contributors:
The uniqueness of Sharekkna Online began with its contributors – a diverse group of interns and volunteers, including graphic designers, amateur artists, and digital enthusiasts. These individuals, driven by a shared vision of making a difference, contributed their digital creations for free. Their contributions ranged from artistic digital prints to functional websites and social media templates, all crafted with passion and a desire to help others.

Beyond Commerce, a Hub of Creativity and Digital Empowerment:
The platform quickly became more than just a marketplace. It became a hub of creativity and collaboration where artists and designers could showcase their work, and NGOs, startups, and specialists could find valuable digital resources. Sharekkna Online offers an array of digital templates and tools specifically designed to help these organizations establish their online presence effectively and efficiently.

Bridging Worlds: Sharekkna Online – A Fusion of Digital Artistry, Affordability, and Social Empowerment:
In a way, Sharekkna Online bridged the gap between digital artistry and social impact. For the users, it was a treasure trove of affordable digital products; for the contributors, a platform to give back to the community and showcase their talents; and for the NGOs and startups, a valuable resource to support their digital efforts.

Eco-Conscious E-Commerce is how Sharekkna Online Leads the Way in Sustainable Digital Solutions:
The platform also stood out for its commitment to environmental sustainability. Sharekkna Online maintained a low ecological impact by focusing on digital products, aligning with the global shift towards more eco-friendly business practices.

Transforming E-Commerce into a drive for Social Good, Art, and Community:
As Sharekkna Online grew, so did its impact. It became proof of how e-commerce could be leveraged for social good, seamlessly blending commerce, art, and altruism. In a world where digital connectivity is increasingly crucial, Sharekkna Online emerged not just as a marketplace but as a community builder, a supporter of the arts, and a champion of accessible technology.

From Beirut to the world:
Sharekkna Online symbolizes hope, innovation, and the belief that digital technology can and should be used to make the world better and more connected.